Mark Perry

[Punk - UK - 1970's]

Sniffin' Glue may have been the closest thing to perfection ever achieved by a magazine. Untroubled by the demands of owners, publishers, designers and production editors, it was a one-man enterprise that perfectly mirrored the spirit and manners of its subject matter -- punk rock -- by being intentionally amateurish, passionate, and crude. Mary Perry's first issue set the tone for an exercise in kitchen-table publishing that did not even have a kitchen table. Boldly scrawled in his bedroom, Sniffin' Glue started out as a fan's rallying cry, went on just as long as it needed to (one year), and then stopped, as all good punk enterprises should. Its twelve issues were surely meant to be disposable. Yet today, when any amateur can run up a professional-looking publication on a computer, Sniffin' Glue looks even nore heroic. And here it is again in its entirety, a potent slice of 1976/77 Brutalist punk culture, complete with fascinating new insights from its creator Mark Perry. So look inside, wake up, and smell the Glue once more. Lots of art and photos (b&w).

Omnibus Press 208 p. 22 x 30 cm - In English

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