Book ZINES ! VOL.1




[Fanzine Culture - Do It Yourself]

In the past three decades a quiet revolution has gained force: over 50,000 independent, not for profit publications have emerged and spread--mostly through the mail, with little publicity. Flaunting off-beat interests, extreme personal revelations and social activism, zines directly counter the pseudo-communication and glossy lies of the mainstream media monopoly. Features Meathook, Housewife, Assassin, Craphound, Fat Girl, Beer Frame, Thrift Score, Mystery Date, Outpunk, AK Distribution, X-Ray, and Bunnyhop. These interviews capture all the excitement associated with uncensored freedom of expression, while offering insight, inspiration and delight.

ReSearch (1996) 185 p. 21 x 28 cm - In English

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