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Asian Cult Cinema

[Cinema - Fanzine - Asie]

Au programme de ce numéro de ce fanzine américain spécialisé sur le cinéma asiatique:
Director BONG JUN-HO is interviewed by Patrick Van Hauwaert. An Unleashed Critical Assault by David Aaron Clark on the Pang Bros remake of BANGKOK DANGEROUS with Hollywood darling Nicolas Cage. FOREIGN CRIMES (MONGOL and GENGHIS KHAN: TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH AND SEA) by Max Allan Collins. Award-winning noir author Tom Piccirilli (author of 15 novels including "The Midnight Road" and "The Cold Spot") takes a much needed look at I'M A CYBORG. Andrew Grant deals with the Japanese remake of Boris Vian's counterculture noirish "Mood Indigo" called CHLOEDEATH NOTE 3 [aka "L Saves the World] is handled by Jerry White. "I've been wanting to do this for awhile," says columnist Ric Meyers as he itemizes the 50 Best Shaw Bros Martial Arts Films. Graham Lewis talks about BRUTAL HOPELESSNESS OF LOVE, the newest from FLOWER AND SNAKE director Takashi Ishii. Dr Stan Glick delivers the goods with both his regular column (including an interview with Japanese translator Linda Hoaglund) plus a movie review for YEAR OF THE FISH. Tony Williams offers a criticism of two more by Takashi Miike, CROWS ZERO and LIKE A DRAGON.

Asian Cult Cinema (2008) 64 p. 14 x 22 cm - En Anglais

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