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Steven Blush

[Punk - Hardcore - Années 80]

Angrier and less pretentious than the drug-addled punk and new wave music genres, hardcore was an underground tribal movement created with passion but ultimately destroyed by infighting and dissonance. Among the important figures who emerged from hardcore are Henry Rollins, Dave Grohl, Ian MacKaye, and the Beastie Boys. Hardcore's legacy, however, continues to influence the do-it-yourself anticommercial trend of independent record labels and touring networks. Culling quotes from numerous interviews conducted over a five-year period, Blush presents an oral history of the first generation of American hardcore music (1980-86) what he deems its golden age. Charting the rise of bands such as Black Flag and the Misfits, as well as more famous hardcore alumni like the Beastie Boys and Moby, the book is divided into chapters based on different regional scenes. The author experienced hardcore firsthand as a promoter, record label owner, and radio DJ, and he intersperses the book's oral histories with his informed commentary. Also included are photographs, discographies, and a complete national perspective on the genre.

Feral House (2010) 2e Edition - 408 p. 18 x 25 cm - En Anglais

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