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George Hurchalla

[Punk - Hardcore - Années 80]

This book by 80s scene veteran George Hurchalla is one of the most comprehensive looks at the nationwide punk underground history. Rather than trot out the usual suspects from LA, NY, and DC, Hurchalla delves deeper into the underground's underbelly to root out stories from Chicago, Philadelphia, Austin, Lawrence, Annapolis, Iowa, Cincinnati, Florida. Like most of the truly great books on punk that have emerged to date, Hurchalla mixes the personal in with the words of dozens of band members, promoters, artists, and folks that were there. Articles Of Faith, Effigies, Big Boys, Husker Du, Necros, Reagan Youth, Government Issue, Minutemen, Replacements...and well, you have it all here really.

AK Press (2005) 317 p. 22 x 28 cm - En Anglais - 1ere édition

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