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Katharine Gates

[Erotica - Bizarre]

A classic exploration of niche kinks, sexual misfits and DIY fetish, now revised and updated! (First edition by Juno Books in 1999). A lavishly illustrated guide to the most fascinating and obscure outposts of the erotic frontier. Self-described pervert Katharine Gates shows us all the latest sexual communities. Meet the refreshingly funny and irreverent heroes of a do-it-yourself porn revolution: balloon fetishists, giantess fetishists, furries, messy fans, ponygirls aficionados, and many, many more.

Can there still be anything new to say about the erotic, sexy play, and desire? YES, because what drives each of us to any sexual fixation-from feet or fat to latex or ponyplay-may hold mysteries, but can never be inexplicable. YES, because even the most seemingly unusual kinks and fetishes, like trample and crush, cannibal play, quicksand and male pregnancy, derive from such universal themes as power and transformation. YES, because when some taboos crumble, others emerge, with often surprising, delightful, and even disturbing consequences for our psyches and libidos. YES, because as human culture evolves, we newly discover sexual excitement and fulfillment from scenarios (such as car accidents) and objects (like gas masks and medical equipment) that never existed before. 

PowerHouse (2017) 258 p. 22 x 28 cm - En Anglais

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