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Clive Davies

[Cinema de Genre]

Video Spinegrinder is a massive tome dedicated to all kinds of films, over a century of exploitation and cult cinema It’s over 1,000 pages and contains 8000 reviews. Clive Davies, who hails from the U.K., moved to Japan in ’99 and began watching hordes of films, including super rare Japanese flicks which are sprinkled throughout the book. The book contains horror, sci-fi, action, and just about any other genre type flick you can think of. It spans all eras from silent right up to today. The reviews are arranged alphabetically. You’ll find a giallo on the same page as a kids film which is on the same page as a noir from the 40s. It truly gives equal footing to every film by ramming them all together. Each review contains the film’s name, date of release, other names for the film, who directed it , the country of origin, and other misc information. The economy of words used do not hurt the reviews though. They are still clear if very concise

HeadPress (2015) 1092 p. 13 x 20 cm - En Anglais

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