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[Punk Rock]

Classic punkrocknroll fanzine from Los Angeles. In this issue (Mai 2008): The Potential Johns: Interview by Todd Taylor. You know these guys – they’re that Marked Men side project – that’s been around for like, a lot longer then the Marked Men. Read this up, because by our calculations this will be about one of three interviews they do in the next ten years; Los Illegals: Interview by Jimmy Alvarado. Part two. Classic East L.A. punk rock – THE EXCITING CONCLUSION; Bear Proof Suit: Interview by Kevin DeBroux. Cryogenically frozen in 1983, Bear Proof Suit have returned with fucked up, guitar-solo-plentiful hardcore. Wait, scratch that, turns out Milwaukee has REALLY cold winters; Interview by Arlen Jones and Daryl Gussin. Named after the Swedish bank robber, the only thing these dudes are going to steal is your time – when you listen to those FUCKING KILLER RIFFS; Statues: Interview by Dave Williams. Not quite power pop, but their own kind of office punk. Badass! Dunder Mifflin-core! Oh, not that Office. Still badass;

Liz O is a total nerd; Jim Ruland goes bowling; Maddy Tight Pants is obsessed with religion lately; Amy Adoyzie has apparently been lying to us up until now; Ben Snakepit draws another installment of “Cooking with Snakepit.”; Rev. Nørb will stand by his country – but don’t you DARE fuck with his ketchup; Mitch Clem draws; The Rhythm Chicken will never forget; Designated Dale just can’t admit that Bruce Willis is a national treasure; Art Fuentes has been traumatized; Kiyoshi Nakazawa tells the TRUTH about smoking; Nardwuar interviews Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chrétien; Sean Carswell puts a lot of thought into his relationships; Gary Hornberger talks cover bands and comics.

Razorcake (2008) 114 p. 21 x 27 cm - En Anglais

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