Book THEME '70



Mark J. Banville

[Cinema - Blaxploitation]

Starting life as the grindhouse fanzine THEME '70 in the early nineties, this book is a mutation of all-new colour content and the raw, unfettered pages of those original out-of-print photocopied zines themselves. The result is an exploitation movie explosion of rare posters, stills, hard knuckle video reviews, pre-cert VHS commentary and eye-popping retro ads, all with a uniquely British zine twist!

Born in London, Mark J Banville has been a cult movie collector since the age of ten and started the exploitation movie fanzine Theme '70 in 1992, which ran for seven issues. He has an obsession with exploitation movies, particularly the blaxploitation, horror and grindhouse varieties.

HeadPress (2014) 220 p. 22 x 28 cm - In English

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