Cindy Crabb

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Cindy Crabb's new book, The Encyclopedia of Doris, offers stories, essays and interviews from 2001 to 2011. Inside are issues 19-28 of the beloved and internationally distributed, feminist, autobiographical zine "Doris," along with a bunch of never- before published writing.
Crabb writes with an inspiring level of honesty and compassion, exploring subjects like consent, feminism, abortion, death, self-image, creativity, shyness, queer identity, addiction, and anarchism, in ways that embrace the complexities each issue holds. Living in the margins of a society whose ethical priorities she finds abhorrent, Crabb's journey takes her through the riot-grrrl gangs of the mid-'90s. She finds her anger and her singing/ screaming voice, finds ways to deal with the loss of her mother due to alcoholism, struggles with her own addiction and mental health issues, helps to start a women and transgender health resource, lives in shacks and warehouses, and documents it all with a fierce tenderness that draws readers in and holds them gently, allowing them to explore the intricacies of their own lives.

Doris Press (2011) 320 p. 13 x 20 cm - In English

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