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Patrick Potter

[Mods - SubCultures - LifeStyle]

Life long mods and new believers alike will love this collection of original 60s photography and captivating insight that celebrates mod culture from its birth to its flourishing contemporary scene. Packed with fascinating shots of the original 60s mods in their halcyon days, analysis and discussion. The essence of the mod outlook and its philosophy are presented here for new converts to discover. This, massively influential and home grown UK subculture will continue to inspire people around the world to look sharp and look forward. Here come the mods...Two Finger Salute is a series of photobooks capturing the essence of UK rebel cultures.

« They wanted something no teenager had ever thought possible before. They wanted to be famous, on their own terms and in their own style. This urge coincided with cash in the back pocket courtesy of the post war boom and relatively cheap acces to tailoring. Add to this the influx of American soul music and a pocket full of purple hearts. Throw in a little Carnaby Street and a soupçon of French new wave cinema with just a twist of italian style. Mix it up with London gangster and Jamaican rudeboy in a Soho basement club. Then bake it in the oven of a new, hip consumerism for two years and put it all on national television with a Ready, Steady, Go. The Mods invented youth culture. Alight, there were youth cultures before. The Teds, the Bright Young Things and all kinds of bizarre tribes prior to them. However, the Mods invented what we now call British youth culture. »

Carpet Bombing Culture (2018) 192 p. 17 x 22 cm – Hardcover

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