Book MODS !



Richard Barnes

[SubCultures - Mod]

One of the first – and still the best book on the original 1960s mod scene. For anyone interested in the mod scene, this is essential, a book lovingly and authoritatively put together by Richard Barnes. A largely pictorial history of the 60s mod scene by the people who made it and originally published by Pete Townshend’s ‘Eel Pie’ publishing company. With over 150 dazzling photographs the book reveals the reality of the movement in dances, clothes, style and scooters. The book contains ephemera gathered from the earliest days of Mod, from the seaside to Carnaby Street, as well as a glorious celebration of a lifestyle, gratifyingly accurate and visually meticulous. First published in 1979.

Plexus (1991) 5th ed 130 p. 19 x 26 cm - In English

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