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[Fiction - Literature - Anarchy]

Evasion is a first person account of the author's travels and means of survival. He survives by dumpster diving, shoplifting, return fraud, and various other "scams" he employs to get whatever money he needs. He travels by hitchhiking and train hopping, and relates adventures he has had such as gate crashing at music venues, attending hardcore punk concerts, and being employed as a professional shoplifter by a middle-class family, among other things. The author criticizes the wastefulness of western society and frequently remarks on the ethics of work and industrial capitalism. He uses humor to make a mockery of what he believes is an unjust system, while at the same time relating his methods of survival and travel in enough detail to be useful to anyone attempting to replicate his schemes. 

Crimethinc (2002) 290 p. 12 x 19 cm - In English

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