Book JUXTAPOZ N°89 JUNE 2008



Juxtapoz Magazine

[Art - Graphics - Lowbrow]

Juxtapoz is the art magazine for "lowbrow" art: tattoo art, graffiti art, car culture art, erotic art, outlaw art, fantasy and sci-fi art, comic-influenced art. This issue (june 2008) featuring: the UK-born Lucy McLauchlan, Toronto-based Ray Caesar, LA-based Souther Salazar, and a feature on the travel spots to hit the next time you happen to be Melbourne, Australia. Also covered are Dreph, Brent Wadden, Bill McRight, Jovi Schnell, Sam Weber, Mike Shine, Deborah Claxton, Jenn Porreca, and Richard Wilkinson. We review the shows from Roman Cho and Tatiana Wills, Blek le Rat, Scion x Scrawl Collective, and Josh Liner Gallery in here as well.

Juxtapoz Magazine (2008) 168 p. 21 x 27 cm - In English

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