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The continuing story of life on Earth, as seen in photos. When opening Hamburger Eyes Photo Magazine you enter a pictorial history of both the unseen and iconic moments of everyday life. It is organized in such a way that it has become many things to many people. As a photo journal, it shares travels and experiences. As a photo diary, it shares accomplishments and heartaches. And as a photo album, it shares families and friends and reachs people on a level they have been familiar with since their first birthday party. Composed of black + white photography, it has contributions from photographers of all levels. Inspired by the traditions that began with National Geographic and Life Magazine, it hopes to revitalize the sensation of photography as a craft as well as a tool to record and document. Punky streetwise imagery plus good repro values. Great stuff.ETHAN SCOTT, DANA LAUREN GOLDSTEIN, ARTHUR POLLOCK, TOBIN YELLAND, URI KORN, DYLAN MADDUX, KARNA KURATA, GAVIN STEVENS, MARK MURRMANN, DAVID UZZARDI, MATT KUEBRICH, DENNIS MCGRATH, DAVID POTES, MICHAEL TESI, MEGAN CULLEN, ALEXANDER MARTINEZ, JOHN OLIVER HODGES, SANDY CARSON, RYAN FURTADO, MICHAEL HERNANDEZ, JIMMIE ARMENTROUT III, ALEXANDER BARTSCH, STEFAN SIMIKICH, JIM GOLDBERG, DANA ULLMAN, BRYAN DERBALLA, ED TEMPLETON, CRAIG MAMMANO, DINA LITOVSKY, MICHAEL JANG, TOD SEELIE, AUSTIN MCMANUS, JAI TANJU, BILL DANIEL, FOREST KELLEY, ELENA CARRASCO, JEFF ENLOW, GREG HUNT, JESSE POLLOCK, ALESSANDRO ZUEK SIMONETTI, OSKIE MENDOZA, CARY CONOVER, MARK CROSS, BILL BURKE, DEANNA TEMPLETON, TED PUSHINSKY, TREVOR TRAYNOR, EMIL ALSBO, ARIEL ZAMBELICH, HEATHER RENEE RUSS, BRIAN DAVID STEVENS, CALI DEWITT, ROBERT M JOHNSON, JOE BROOK, RAY POTES, EMILIO BANUELOS, ZACK CANEPARI, JASON ROBERTS DOBRIN, AND WAYNE LEVIN.

Hamburger Eyes (2009) 150 p. 18 x 22 cm - Softcover

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