Book GARAGE N°14



Garage Magazine

[Lifestyle - Hot Rod - Kustom Kulture]

Contemporary hot rod culture. The hot rod way of life.

In this issue: full custom living, Garage gal Miss Ember (cover and pull-out centerfold), Turbonique story - the real Acme, The story of tattoo artist Jack Dracula, East Side Story: the Speed Shifters Club of Anacosta, Buggs Ochoa and history of L.A lowrider wars, Iggy & the Stooges, builder profile on the Kennedy Brothers, The mullins rabers streamliner part 1, artist profile Mike Giant, 20 questions with Ed Riggins, 1968 Mustang fastback vintage photo, tattoo machine collection, more.

Garage Magazine (2007) 110 p. 21 x 28 cm - In English

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