Sam Knee

[Pop Culture - Rock - Fashion]

Following on from the success of A Scene In Between, revised edition, this new title explores the musical and sartorial treasures of the American 1980s guitar-based indie scenes. Starting in 1983 with the post-hardcore movement in Washington DC, Scene USA journeys coast to coast, covering everything from college rock to noise rock by way of the Paisley Underground, ending in 1989 with the nascent grunge scene in Seattle. A pictorial history of 1980s alternative Americana featuring hundreds of previously unseen images of bands (original photography from scenesters and band members) including Faith, Rites of Spring, Dinosaur Jr, Embrace, Opal, Galaxie 500, Beat Happening, Sonic Youth, Scratch Acid, Pussy Galore and early Nirvana. Interviews by key band members make this an essential resource for any fashion or music enthusiast.

Cicada Books (2022) 194 p. 18 x 22 cm - Hardcover

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