Henk Schiffmacher

[Tattoo - Designs - Symbolism]

Good Luck tattoos are frequently worn by those who really need them: people you would not always call winners. Dice, eight-balls clover leafs, playing-cards, horse shoes: we use all of these symbols to appeal to lucky forces. And if they don’t help, at least you can say: you can’t win if you don’t play.
This is the second volume in a series of publications dealing with major themes in tattoo art. They feature a superb selection of images covering the art and history of Western electric tattooing that are hand picked from the Schiffmacher Collection. These high quality, collectible publications elaborate on themes that can be admired, will inspire and educate, and be a source of tattoo motifs and designs.

Amsterdam Tattoo Museum (2012) 124 p. 16 x 16 cm - Hardcover

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