Magnus Fredericksen - Ebba Cronsdedt

[Tattoo - Graphics]

An original activity book for kids and adults. Tattoo Activity Book features artwork from more than 30 tattoo artists from around the world. Old school to new school, to graphic and realistic. Pretty birds, dreadful skulls, stylish full-rigged ships and graphic weirdness. Tattoo enthusiasts of all ages are invited to add their own color and creativity to the 64 pages with artwork from some of the best tattoo artists on the planet, and create their own designs. Among the beautiful drawings you will find tattoo activities, such as "follow the dots” and "paint by number”. Get inspiration for your future tattoo, and go wild with coloring the motifs in the book, just as you would like them to be. Tattoo Activity Book is the latest in Dokument Press' popular coloring book series, with themes such as graffiti, skateboarding and lowriders.

Dokument Press (2014) 64 p. 21 x 28 cm

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