Andreas Johansson 

[Tattoo - Japan - Yakuza]

The art of the Japanese tattoo has fascinated people across the world for decades, but in Japan they are taboo since traditional full body tattoos are associated with the Japanese mafia – the yakuza. Yakuza Tattoo offers a unique insight into the dragons, fish and gods inspired by the structure of the yakuza and form the identity of the organization. Few organizations are more feared and surrounded by myth than the yakuza. It has a strong influence also outside Japan, both in real life and in popular culture. Few outsiders have been allowed inside the organization or to speak to its members. Andreas Johansson was able to interview and photograph several yakuza and their rich tattoos in the middle of an on-going gang war.

Dokument Press (2017) 112 p. 21 x 26 cm - Hardcover - In English

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